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Otherwise, he does not share the district court’s assessment in much.

– The only thing I can agree is that you have cut in the cost bills, he says with the purpose of the defense lawyers have been less paid than they requested.

– Of course, I do not exclude it. I have pled for a conviction and then it has not emerged anything else.

Court Chairman David Victorson Harrby at Västmanland’s district court under the press meeting in connection with the judgment against among others Karl Hedin.

The tours in the hunting offender on Karl Hedin have been many and tangled and took their beginning at the end of October 2018.

After a period of time, the police hit and grabbed and appointed four people suspected for, among other things, rough hunting offense. According to the prosecutor, a wolf would have been chased that day, but no animal body had not been found.

The police came the suspected hunters on the tracks through a tip and had before the arrests worked with the investigation for several months. The group was suspected of having illegally chased and killed lynx and wolf.

The police had, among other things, used secret telephone tapping to reveal the illegal hunt. After all suspects are released on free foot after about a month in the detention police officer Karl Hedin Prosecutor Lars Magnusson.

Police report mainly the interception that was conducted against the suspects. According to Hedin, the prosecutor had committed misconduct when he used the action because the penalty of the crime was not high enough to justify it.

The 71-year-old Karl Hedin is a well-known profile in the business community. He is the owner of the wooden product group AB Karl Hedin, which, among other things, runs a construction chain, sawmill, and refine forest.

He has also made himself known as an active debater in the warrant issue, critical of the predictive predator policy and advocate of a reduced wolf strain. He has lectured about this, and written several books on the theme.

The trial in Västmanlands District Court, which was terminated on March 5, was lined with unexpected events, such as the prosecution woman completely failed from the first negotiation date with reference to disease. However, she appeared on the link on the day and then explained that everything she initially told the police about illegal hunting, where among others Karl Hedin would have been involved, lie.

The Public Health Authority has been expected to update the vaccination scheme and extends the interval between vaccine dose one and two with up to a maximum of six weeks. In this way, more are vaccinated for a shorter time, even if the protection effect on the majority of the vaccine is at its best after two doses.

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